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There are over 72,000 people waiting to receive kidney transplants. It seems almost impossible to find an equal amount of donors. Now, there is a new process in place called Paired Donation. The Paired Donation Network assists patients in finding compatible donors. A couple (donor and recipient) is paired with another couple (donor and recipient) to exchange kidneys. This process may be the answer to the shortage of Kidney donors.

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Transplantation is a surgical procedure to remove organs from a healthy donor to replace the injured organs of someone else. The procedure can be very overwhelming without knowing what to expect. The Transplant Experience website was created to help bring awareness and understanding for “pre-transplant and beyond.” This website holds a source of information and also provides a welcome kit that includes an inspirational video, personal treatment journal, and a pill box to help organize your medication. This online tool has helped many journey through the Transplant Experience. Online help and support is available to all.
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