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 The “Minority Intervention & Kidney Education” is a program sponsored by the American Kidney Fund. MIKE’s partnership with various public and private organizations, provide education, screening and follow-up services for people at risk of kidney disease. Minorities are reported as having a higher rate for experiencing kidney failure. With the aid of the MIKE program, the goal is to help prevent or reduce those at risk. 

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The American Kidney Fund has announced the start of their 2009 Calendar Kids contest. Submit your art work by April 30, 2008 and you could win a trip to Washington, D.C.

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“Kid”ney Kids


Etan Thomas from the Washington Wizards and Nikki Teasley from the Washington Mystics will be guarding center at the 12th Annual “Kid”ney Kids Weekend celebration. Thomas and Teasley are part of the NBA Cares league that helps to provide social awareness. NBA Cares will donate $100 million and 100 million hours of community service. The efforts of the league and support from family youth groups, will help provide a “live, learn, and play” atmosphere.

Sponsored by The American Kidney Fund


Are you in the process of selling your timeshare? Have you already spent thousands on advertisements? You can now alleviate your stress and the hassle by contributing your timeshare to The American Kidney Fund. The “Donate For a Cause” program offered through the American Kidney Fund will sell your timeshare at no cost to the owner and receive a tax write-off.

Help a kidney patient by donating your timeshare